Announcing Essentials.TF Season 0

Posted on 1516145332 by Heny

With the dust after i61 still settling we're proud to announce the future core structure for Essentials.TF’s involvement in the competitive TF2-scene. It will consist of 4 areas aimed at supporting the active competitive TF2 player base: monthly cups, experimental one night cups, offline tournaments and community events.

Season 0

The year will be split into 3 seasons with Season 0 (our beta season) starting now, and will continue until the end of December 2017. Each season will contain monthly tournaments, experimental cups, as well as community events and offline tournaments when the opportunity arises.

Splitting the year into seasons gives us a natural break in what we’re doing to review rules, map pool or anything else that might need changing. We will be adopting a system with an active map pool as well as a reserve pool. After each season changes will be made to both pools and what maps are to be played is decided by looking at feedback from the very best TF2 players, as well as listening to the community as a whole. During the season maps from the reserve map pool will be played in some of our experimental cups, which will hopefully encourage map makers to both make maps with 6s in mind as well as updating the maps according to the community's feedback.

Season 0 - Active map pool

Season 0 - Reserve map pool

  • cp_granary_pro
  • cp_cardinal
  • cp_propaganda
  • cp_windfall
  • cp_metalworks
  • cp_gravelpit
  • koth_bagel
  • koth_cascade

* Maps in the reserve map pool are always played on their latest version, even if the map is updated mid-season
Map downloads can be found here

Season 0 - Schedule

  • September

    • September 13th - Experimental One Night Cup
    • September 30th & October 1st - Essentials.TF Monthly Cup #1
  • October

    • October 11th - Experimental One Night Cup
    • October 28th & 29th - Essentials.TF Monthly Cup #2
  • November

    • November 8th - Experimental One Night Cup
    • November 25th & 26th - Essentials.TF Monthly Cup #3
  • December

    • December 13th - Experimental One Night Cup
    • December 16th & 17th - Essentials.TF Monthly Cup #4

The first Essentials.TF Experimental One Night Cup is up now on Toornament and you can sign up now.

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