July 24th - 31st 2021

A massive congratulations to all of our winners across Beyond The Limit, the Teufort Fashion Show and the TF2 Clips Challenge.

Thank you to all those who jumped, dripped, and clipped throughout the week, and thank you to everyone who dedicated so much of their time before, during, and after the events to make it all possible!

Thank you to Jump Academy for the amazing work ensuring all the servers for Beyond The Limit were available, all the speedruns were timed accurately and all the automation in the background to go along.

An extra special thank you goes out to AI for the countless hours of work in the background to make sure everything ran smoothly. ❤

Thank you to our judges for coming together to pick out their favourites from all of your submissions. Thank you to all the EssentialsTF staff members who helped out with the livestreams and helping users.

And thank you to DreamHack for making this all be possible!

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Beyond The Limit - TF2 Jumping Competition

# Name Bonus Points Prize
1[EU] Boshy27$380 (inc. bonus prize)
2[EU] soup -tt14$120
3[OC] kater13$120
4[EU] Betteroffx10$160
-[AS] DenDro10$120
6[AS] vice8$120
-[EU] Rachello8$160
8[EU] CEO of Bingchilling5$80
9[EU] ♫Delirious♫3$40
-[EU] Hass3$40
-[NA] Zike10173$120
12[NA] CrackuhJax1$40

Twitter Competitions

The Judges


TF2 Artist & Animator

Twitter: @Chloemew


Variety Twitch Streamer

Twitch: TheMrMortensen Twitter: @TheMrMortensen


TF2 YouTuber

YouTube: VersityTF
Twitter: @VersityTF


TF2 YouTuber

YouTube: ShorK
Twitter: @ShorKtf2

Runners Up

Winners - $50 each

Ready to War

Runners Up

Winner - $50

Polished Professional

Runners Up

Winner - $50

Modern Memer

Runners Up

Winner - $50

Judges' Favourite

Runners Up

Winner - $50

That's all folks, thanks for playin'

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