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Season 30 sponsored by STN-Trading & scrap.tf: Award Polls!

ETF2L | 1534378342

The best team in Europe right now is European Se7en, but who are the best individual performers?
Their premiership level peers decided who has the honor to be nominated… However, it is up to YOU to determine the winners of each category!

So without any further ado: Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. Note: There is a poll embedded with…

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Essentials.TF Statement Regarding Intolerance and Off-Site Moderation

Essentials.TF | 1534378342

ozfortress August 2018 Poll

ozfortress | 1534378342

The August poll is here! Like always, we run a poll in between tournaments to see what the community wants. We've put in some key questions that we would like you to answer regarding whitelists, administration, important rule changes and maps.

It would be greatly appreciated if you take the time to express your views so we can make ozfortress better!

Continue the discussion…

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