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ETF2L S31 Premiership playoffs: Se7en vs SVIFT EU, & Ascent.EU vs Faint Gaming

ETF2L | 1542546288

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Se7en vs SVIFT EU

To kick the playoffs off, it’s the old versus the new as the recently-formed Sweden SVIFT EU takes on the most successful team in ETF2L’s history, UnitedKingdom Se7en.

While this might look like it will be a routine victory for Se7en, SVIFT EU have a knack for upsets, as their presence in the playoffs is already thanks to their last-minute triumph over third place European Faint Gaming. SVIF…

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Looking for early beta testers

TF2 Maps | 1542546288

I need some technically oriented people to dig around an interface for a project I've been working on.

There's two criteria you need to meet:

1. You own/use a Dropbox account
2. You like to break things

If you're interested and have some extra spare time, I'd surely appreciate it.

Send me a PM and I'll supply details.

Looking for about 10 or so users.

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Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & STN.tf: Playoffs & Tiebreaker Scores

ETF2L | 1542546288

Welcome everyone to the conclusion of the 31st season of ETF2L 6v6 for Open, Low, Mid, Division 2, Division 1 and Premiership.

We hope you enjoyed the matches, and for the teams that made it through, congratulations.

All tiers will have playoffs, all playoff matches will be using the Map Elimination system. Note that all dates are estimates and teams are able to negotiate other days by scheduling wi…

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