Team Fortress 2 6v6 Open Tournament
presented by EssentialsTF

September 7th-10th
@ The NEC, Birmingham, UK

£3,000 prize pool
Now featuring the brand-new
36 PC TF2 Esports Zone

You must be attending as a Weekend Ticket holder or a LAN Standard (or above) participant in order to participate in the TF2 Open Tournament. LAN Lite tickets are not eligible to participate from the BYOC LAN.

Spectators may purchase Day or Weekend tickets. Please note that a Weekend ticket is required to access evening shows.

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TF2 returns to Insomnia for another year, but this time things are different! In response to previous event feedback, we have been working to bring you an event that is more accessible and, more importantly, affordable.

We now have a dedicated area in the venue for the Tournament, with 36 PCs allocated for TF2 Players only which can be accessed with just a Weekend Admission Ticket, no BYOC ticket or PC Rental necessary!
This dramatically reduces the cost of attending down and provide a place for TF2 players to compete and socialise.

In addition, the main tournament will run on Friday and Saturday only, leaving Sunday open for community-oriented things (PUGs, Scrims, Pubs, etc.). We will also be planning some events outside of the main tournament so there’s plenty of reasons to turn up for all four days.

Can I still play from the BYOC?

Yes! You can play from either the BYOC or TF2 Zone. With a BYOC ticket you are given a desk to call your own for the entire weekend, you don’t need to swap with anyone, and you can bring your own equipment or rent for the duration of the event.

Am I guaranteed a place in the TF2 Zone?

If you have signed up for the tournament you will have a PC in the Zone (up to 16 teams), but outside of your officials it is first come, first served. In addition, if we need your PC for an official, we will ask you to move. We will also encourage people to swap outside of match times so people have plenty of chances to play throughout the event.

Should I bring my own Peripherals?

Yes! There will be things prepared, but we cannot guarantee its quality.

Can I play other games in the TF2 Zone?

We ask that you avoid playing other games on TF2 Zone PCs especially during tournament days, if things are quieter, you may be allowed.

Can the Weekend Ticket let me in on Thursday?

No, you will need a LAN ticket to get access to the venue on Thursday. The TF2 zone will open on Friday.

What days do I have to attend to play in the tournament?

Friday and Saturday, the Sunday is optional but we recommend attending all days to maximise your playtime, there’s no guarantee you can get a PC once you’re out!

Will I have to swap with people during the tournament?

After your matches, we will ask you to swap. This is to guarantee that everyone who signs up has a PC that they can play on. Therefore, its good advice to avoid logging in on any websites or accounts where possible, and it is your responsibility to log off on any platforms.

Can I use my own config/hud on the TF2 Zone PCs?

Yes, we will be working on a method to make switching between configs quicker. Be sure to prepare your configs in advance on a USB stick (and maybe Google Drive/Dropbox as backup!).

Will I be seated with my team?

If all of your team is using the TF2 Zone, you will be seated next to one another during your matches.

Should I get the Weekend Priority or Weekend Standard Ticket?

Either is fine!

Is there a team cap for the TF2 zone?

Yes, there will be a cap of 16 teams with 2 teams guaranteed from the online cup. Any signups beyond the cap will only be able to play in the LAN Hall. Details on how to confirm your position to come soon.

We anticipate a fair number of questions, given how different this is. Please direct any questions to our TFTV thread or over on our Discord. Both EssentialsTF and Insomnia have been working hard to make this event as accessible as possible and so we hope that this makes it easier for you to attend.

Live stream

We will have live coverage throughout the event over on Twitch.TV/EssentialsTF.


Weekend Tickets for players & spectators start from £79 GBP
LAN Standard Tickets are available from £110 GBP

PC/Monitor Rentals

For those who want to have their own PC all weekend but cannot bring their own PC. (You must have a LAN ticket).

PC rentals start from £115 GBP and include a monitor.
A monitor can be rented on its own from £40 GBP.

LAN Tournament Details

Signups are now open for the Team Fortress 2 Insomnia iSeries Open tournament. Head to our Challengermode page for all the details!

Prize Pool: £3000
1st place: £1500
2nd place: £900
3rd place: £400
4th place: £200

Insomnia Event Info & FAQs

To learn more about Insomnia Gaming Festival, check out the official event information and FAQs page