Team Fortress 2 at Anaheim 2022 – Presented by EssentialsTF

It’s with a heavy heart that due to rising COVID-19 cases both domestically and internationally, DreamHack are announcing that DreamHack Anaheim 2022 is cancelled.

It is a frustrating announcement to have to make, but the safety of those around us has to take priority.

This has been a very recent development and was something we were not aware of or expecting. The North American scene has long waited for a LAN that anyone can turn up to, whether they have took part in the Newbie Drive or have been topping the Invite leaderboards. We really wanted this to be the start, but that beginning has to be put on hold.

For those that have already purchased tickets, we have been assured that there will be full refunds available and we will let you know when this is ready. We will work with them to ensure that anyone that has spent money on this event gets a full reimbursement.

In the meantime we will look into some online events that could be run in its stead. LAN is not off the table, but plans are currently on hold.