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DreamHack & EssentialsTF – More Team Fortress 2 Events Coming This Summer!

DreamHack & EssentialsTF are back in 2022 with Community Clash and DreamHack Dallas LAN

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Organizers: EssentialsTF (Essentials.TF)

DreamHack TF2 Community Clash NA – $2500
Invite Qualifiers: 16th – 20th MAY 2022
Weekend A: 21st – 22nd MAY 2022
Weekend B: 28th – 29th MAY 2022

DreamHack Dallas TF2 – $2500
TF2: 3rd – 5th JUNE 2022 

DreamHack and EssentialsTF are continuing our partnership with even more awesome Team Fortress 2 experiences in 2022. With a $5000 USD total prize pool, this summer we’ll be hosting multiple tournaments and events. We’ll be at DreamHack Dallas on the BYOC Esport stage, and introducing the next installment of the DreamHack TF2 Community Clash series online, with more HUGE announcements to come!

Firstly, the DreamHack TF2 Community Clash NA 2022 will be running over two weekends in May, the 21-22nd and 28-29th, featuring a $2500 USD prize pool and the best players North America has to offer. Following Invite Qualifiers in the week preceding the tournament, Weekend A will feature open and invite group stages leading into a double elimination bracket. Continuing into Weekend B the tournament will round off with Grand Finals on Sunday 29th being streamed on the EssentialsTF twitch channel ( TF2 Clash is open for anyone to play and try out competitive Team Fortress 2 no matter your skill level, find out more and sign up at Clash.TF. Get in touch via our discord (Essentials.TF/Discord) or Twitter (@TF2Essentials) for any questions about the DreamHack TF2 Community Clash series.

Team Fortress 2 will also be coming to DreamHack Dallas from 3rd – 5th June. EssentialsTF will be hosting and producing a range of content on the Esports stage, including lots of fun Team Fortress 2 activities for the community. We’ll be running Rocket Jumping, 1v1, and TF2 Dodgeball tournaments throughout the weekend, open to both BYOC and general attendees via the freeplay area. TF2 at Dallas will have a minimum total prize pool of $2500, split between all of the competitions and social media competitions we’re hosting. If we receive enough demand, we may be able to expand these offerings to add additional events, including more competitive tournaments like 2v2 (Ultiduo) or 4v4! Tickets for DreamHack Dallas are now on sale at, but some activities may require a BYOC ticket. Get in touch via our discord (Essentials.TF/Discord) or Twitter (@TF2Essentials) for any questions about the DreamHack TF2 Events.

We’ll be releasing more information about each tournament closer to the time, but future information about EssentialsTF and the events can be found on This site will be kept up to date in the run up to and during the event, with both tournament and stream updates. You can also follow our Twitter to stay up to date for future announcements. If you have any questions or need more information regarding the event or EssentialsTF, please reach out via our emails, or the EssentialsTF Discord.

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About EssentialsTF
For over 7 years EssentialsTF have powered and produced the largest events in Team Fortress 2. We started as a production partner, providing broadcasting hardware to events back in 2015. Since then we have expanded to organizing our own online competitive TF2 events with sponsored prize pools and becoming the primary production organization for the TF2 tournament at GAME’s Insomnia Gaming Festival events working alongside Player1 Events. We’ve also been responsible for organizing DreamHack’s TF2 Community Clash events. You can find out more about Essentials at Essentials.TF.

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