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EssentialsTF brings TF2 to DreamHack Beyond

DreamHack & EssentialsTF are announcing three new competitions to take place during DreamHack Beyond from the 24th to the 31st of July.

DreamHack Beyond
Site: Clash.TF
Organizers: EssentialsTF (Essentials.TF)
Dates: July 24th – 31st
Prize Pool: $2000 USD

DreamHack & EssentialsTF are announcing three new competitions to take place during DreamHack Beyond from the 24th to the 31st of July. These events have a total prize pool of $2000, split and awarded differently between the three events. The DreamHack Beyond events won’t be a part of the TF2 Community Clash Series, but those aren’t going anywhere so watch this space!

The first of our Beyond events that we’re producing is DreamHack: Beyond The Limit – TF2.

Beyond the Limit is a new series of events focusing on movement based mechanics and racing. It’s first editions will include both TF2 and Diabotical events. For TF2, we’ll be hosting a jumping competition with 7 rounds, a round per day during DreamHack Beyond, with a total prize pool of $1500 ($200 per day). Every day will have a different map, increasing in difficulty as the week progresses. Rounds are at a set time for each region (TBD) and last for 2 hours. Within this time slot, players will compete to set the fastest time on the leaderboard for that day’s map across all regions. Maps in the pool will be announced 7 days before each round takes place.

The Clash series has done a great job at highlighting the competitive side of TF2, and with these events we have the opportunity to showcase even more of the diverse communities that surround TF2. We’ve chosen our main focus to be jumping not only because it’s super cool and represents what this game is all about, but also due to the close links between the movement skills you learn in jumping, and the competitive play you see in the Clash series! See what we’re going for here..?

Secondly, EssentialsTF will be hosting the Teufort TF2 Fashion Show.

This is an event where anyone can submit a screenshot of a TF2 cosmetic loadout into various categories on twitter by tweeting the image and using the hashtag #TF2Fashion, from July 24th – 31st. The best in these categories will be selected by our judges during our live stream on the 31st of July, and awarded cash prizes. Categories include “Ready to war”, “Fancy Pants” and more, with a total prize pool of $250 up for grabs just for showing us your sick in game drippy drip.

Our third event for DreamHack Beyond is the DreamHack TF2 Clip Challenge.

The TF2 Clip Challenge is an event with a $250 USD prize pool, where anyone can submit a clip or short video of TF2 awesome gameplay. Clips should be tweeted out, and include the hashtag #TF2Clips. Clips can include anything from epic frags in tournament matches to funny moments with friends! The Winners will be decided by our panel of community judges, and announced on the 31st of July Stream.

Please note: submissions for both the DreamHack TF2 Clip Challenge and the Teufort TF2 Fashion Show are only open between the 24th and 31st of July, exact times will be announced soon via Clash.TF, along with further details, rules, and list of judges for both.

Future information about EssentialsTF and the events can be found on Clash.TF. This site will be kept up to date in the run up to and during DreamHack Beyond, with both competition and stream updates. You can also follow our Twitter to stay up to date for future announcements. If you have any questions or need more information regarding the event or EssentialsTF, please reach out via our emails, or the EssentialsTF Discord.

Event graphics, including promo images, can be found here.

About EssentialsTF
For over 5 years EssentialsTF have powered and produced the largest events in Team Fortress 2. We started as a production partner, providing broadcasting hardware to events back in 2015. Since then we have expanded to organising our own online competitive TF2 events with sponsored prize pools and becoming the primary production organisation for the TF2 tournament at GAME’s Insomnia Gaming Festival events working alongside Player1 Events. We’ve also been responsible for organising DreamHack’s TF2 Community Clash events. You can find out more about Essentials at Essentials.TF.

About DreamHack
DreamHack is an immersive, gaming lifestyle experience where the community comes to life. Millions of fans tune in to DreamHack broadcasts each year, and the 24 hour-a-day festival weekends feature everything gaming under one roof. Attendees experience professional esports tournaments, amateur and varsity gaming tournaments, world-famous bring-your-own-computer (BYOC) LAN party, cosplay championship, panels, art, activities, expo, screenings, live music and more. In 2020, DreamHack merged with ESL to create ESL Gaming, the world’s largest esports and gaming lifestyle company. The two organizations have been shaping the industry and leading esports and gaming innovation across the most popular video games with numerous online and offline esports competitions and festivals.

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