Code of Conduct

Version 1.1.1 – Updated 24/10/2020


EssentialsTF exists as a production organisation for TF2 events, both online and offline. As such, it is our belief that the environment that we deliver this is a safe and accommodating one for all people involved. Participating members are expected to hold themselves to a respectable standard, and because of this certain behaviours and practices will not be tolerated.


This code of conduct applies to any and all staff who are affiliated with EssentialsTF, including non-attending members and Team Leaders. This covers online correspondence and offline communication in groups and in one-on-one conversations. 

For staff members that are attending any of our events, they would be expected to follow this code strictly at all times whilst present at the production. As a representative of EssentialsTF, the manner in which you conduct yourself publically is reflected in our reputation both internally with the community as well as exterior parties of interest, and as such your behaviour online will also fall under this code. Sites, Accounts, and Channels that are affiliated with us such as our Twitter or Twitch will be monitored closely, especially the conduct of Moderators within those sites. 

At events, our Code of Conduct is in addition to, not a replacement of, official code of conduct for the event as a whole which will be forwarded to any attending staff. Because of the subjective nature of code violations, subjectivity will be on a case-by-case basis and determined by Team Leaders.

Harassment-Free Space

EssentialsTF aims to provide an environment where anyone can feel welcome and safe regardless of any personal traits or such, including but not limited to:

  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Ability
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion

To create this environment, Trolling, Flaming, or Toxic Behaviour is not tolerated including language that could be seen as offensive or harassing. Harassment of anyone surrounding events, staff, participants, or viewers is strictly condemned by the Essentials Team. Harassment is defined here as:

  • Harmful or prejudiced language or comments based on personal traits
  • Inappropriate use of nudity, sexual images, sexually explicit language in public spaces
  • Threats of physical or non-physical harm
  • Explicit and deliberate intimidation
  • Stalking
  • Harassing photography or recording
  • Sustained and deliberate disruptions (or attempts to disrupt) events
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Unwelcome sexual attention

Attempts to behave to a ‘grey’ area or exploiting loopholes will fall into the subjectivity clause and as such will be discussed with the Team Leaders as and where appropriate.


When preparing and running events, lots of information tends to arise, where some of which should remain private for safety or convenience. As such, all information regarding upcoming events will be considered confidential unless otherwise disclosed by a Team Leader. Should you wish to disclose information, seek the approval of a Team Leader beforehand.

Team Leaders will likely be dealing with information that is incredibly sensitive or private surrounding events and as such have the right to withhold this information if they deem it ‘highly confidential’. However, if you believe that a Team Leader(s) are withholding information that should be released either to the Staff or to the public, contact a Team Leader with your reasoning as to why said information should be released and it will be discussed.

Confidential information should remain private, obviously, so any disclosure of information without approval or previous disclosure by Team Leaders, i.e. if another Team Leader has publicly disclosed the information before, will result in punitive actions. Breaking confidentiality will follow a ‘One Warning’ system, in which members who disclose two separate unapproved pieces of information will be subjected to punishment. However, severe disclosure or leaks to competitors could bypass this system.

Reporting Violations of the Code of Conduct

If you believe that an individual is breaking the Code of Conduct, contact a Team Leader, providing as much detail as possible to ensure that the correct course of action is performed. All reports are to be treated seriously and with confidence. All violations of the code of conduct will be investigated by Team Leaders. All staff members are expected to stop any unacceptable behaviour should they be requested to, especially by Team Leaders. Team Leaders (or Project Leads at offline Events) may take any action they deem appropriate, from temporary bans to permanent removal off the staff list. At Events, expulsion from events without compensation following the event code of conduct will be followed through if deemed necessary.


If you believe that you have been falsely or unfairly accused of violating any rules, contact a Team Leader. Any appeals made will be discussed in detail with Team Leaders and any decisions made will be made to best meet the aims as defined in this code of conduct to create a welcoming and friendly environment. Any reports, appeals, or addressing grievances should be directed to a Team Leader, as previously stated, alongside any questions regarding behaviours that may be “on the line” between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Changes and Credit

This document is a living document and because of this, this is subject to change and any changes will be made clear to our staff at the time the changes are made. This code of conduct borrows heavily from the and Tip of the Hats Codes of Conduct. This document may be reused under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.