Online Events Press Releases

Future of EssentialsTF

We at EssentialsTF are undertaking new projects and as such believe it is a good opportunity to explain where we are taking the organisation over the next few years and how that is likely to effect our events and coverage.

The first project of ours is to ensure financial sustainability for TF2 events and coverage, from purchasing equipment, renting venues, and supporting volunteer expenses; there is plenty of costs that come with running tournaments and coverage in TF2. To do this, we are committing to producing frequent and high-quality streams and content where possible and as such we will be covering as much of the upcoming and future ETF2L seasons and affiliated tournaments & events. Streams will go live on our Twitch page as per usual, and VODs will be uploaded on YouTube promptly. In addition, with the hard work of our staff we’ll be working through a backlog of events and getting them up on YouTube. The upload priority will be on recent events such as the ongoing ETF2L 6v6 Spring 2024 Season, with coverage of the 2024 Winter LAN, i71, i69, and other past tournaments following. 

Any money raised through our efforts will be directly re-invested back into ETF projects, whether that is LAN, Online Coverage, or supporting community projects. We’ll be exploring other content and revenue streams in the future but for now our focus is on consistent and quality livestreams.

To manage this undertaking, we’re looking for people to join the ETF Team! We’re currently looking for people to support:

  • Social Media
  • Content Creation (Video Editing and Graphics)
  • Producers
  • Casters
  • Developers

If there is anything here that you think you can help with, we’d love to hear from you! Contact a Team Leader via Discord with a basic background of any experience / skills you think would be useful for the role.

Finally, there have been a fair number of questions regarding an ETF LAN this year. As of right now there are no confirmed LANs and we would encourage that people avoid booking tickets for events or hotels in advance until we make any formal announcements. We are committed to running a LAN in 2024 and we should hopefully have more information later this year.

We’re open to any comments, feedback, or questions as per usual. Either contact us on the ETF Discord or reach out to any of the Team Leaders. The team are incredibly excited about what we are creating and we hope that you look forward to what we do.

To stay up to date for future announcements, join our Discord Server and be sure to follow us on Twitter (@TF2Essentials). If you have any questions, you’re welcome to reach out via email at [email protected].