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August EU Monthly Announcement

Posted on 1550719098 by Wolf Machina

If you're looking for some exciting, fast paced action, then look no further, because the EU monthly is back again!

We’ll be continuing to use the same format as last month, but making some changes to the play days to help cater to the players further. This will take the form of running matches over 3 days Monday to Wednesday. Depending on how this helps sign ups and the feedback we get we will use this month to inform further changes for the future. are graciously sponsoring the event once again, offering €600 in direct prizepool and $80 worth of credit on their website.

Another returning feature is our giveaway, clocking in at $120 credit, for one lucky team this month, requiring you to only play your matches to get a chance to win, the results being given during the talk show later this month.

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EU Monthly sponsored by

Play dates: 6th-8th August

Prizepool: €600 and $80 of credit
1st Place: €360
2nd Place: €180
3rd/4th Place: €30
5th-8th Place: $20 of Marketplace credit

Signup here

New schedule:

Day 1:
Open Round 1: 20:00
Open Round 2: 20:45
Open Round 3 & Invite Round 1: 21:30

Day 2:
Open Round 4 & Invite Round 2: 20:00
Open Round 5 & Invite Round 3: 20:45
Quarter-Finals: 21:30

Day 3:
Semi-Finals: 20:00
Finals: 21:45

The main rules to remember for our tournament TF2 are the following:

  • Class limits: 2 for each of scout and soldier; 1 for all other classes
  • 5cp will use win limit 5 with a 30min timer
  • KotH will use win limit 3
  • Whitelist
  • Server Config

Watch the tournament live on our Twitch channel.

You can also set a reminder using the links below so you don’t miss any of the games!

If you would like to give any feedback or just say hello then join our Discord or tweet at us on Twitter.