Beyond The Limit 2022: Jumping Leaderboards - Current Stage: Event Complete

Times are updated every minute. Best time per player, per map is recorded. Only your fastest run on a map will appear. Player names are not controlled by EssentialsTF.
# Name Time (
1[EU] soup -tt00:01:44.461
2[AS] vice00:01:46.905
3[EU] rascal from minecraft00:01:49.125
4[AS] cander00:01:49.172
5[NA] Jaffxsman00:01:53.219
6[AS] もふもふ00:01:54.480
7[NA] (◣﹏◢)00:01:57.039
8[NA] count gerald00:01:58.102
9[OC] Kratos00:02:01.999
10[OC] シElandi!!00:02:03.578
11[OC] Skinny.00:02:04.528
12[NA] salsaa00:02:08.598
13[AS] .Claire00:02:12.885
14[OC] Kingstripes00:02:14.968
15[OC] era00:02:16.410
16[OC] riot00:02:17.365
17[OC] Salty00:02:18.844
18[EU] bunny.00:02:31.453
19[OC] ixam00:02:32.445
20[EU] I'm pred bro00:02:34.258
21[OC] ♥bappo00:02:36.406
22[EU] rev!400:02:36.645
23[OC] MEGAWOP00:02:38.970
24[AS] caprah00:03:34.500
25[EU] Rumo00:03:43.594
26[OC] Evoir ☯00:03:44.699
27[OC] bob ross00:03:54.974
28[EU] gang shit on the daily00:05:45.750
29[OC] itsame00:06:36.945
30[EU] Formaly_Dressed00:07:17.953
31[EU] Steen00:08:39.539
32[EU] Codzienny opiekun dla jego00:08:43.172