DreamHack: Beyond The Limit - TF2 (2022)

Beyond The Limit is a open Team Fortress 2 Map Speedrun / Jumping Competition with 7 rounds, a round per day for one week from October 24th to October 30th.

Every day will have a different map, increasing in difficulty as the week progresses.
Rounds are at a set time for each region and last for 2 hours.

Within this time slot, players compete to set the fastest time on the leaderboard for that day’s map.
Each day alternatives between Solider maps and Demoman maps.

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Beyond The Limit is an open event, so players are free to drop in and out of the servers when open to set their best times.

At the end of each day, the players with the top 5 fastest times on the map leaderboard worldwide will win $40 USD each, meaning each round/day will have a prize pool of $200 USD.

Across the week if you compete each day, the maximum you can win is $280 for coming in the top 5 each day!

There is also a bonus prize of an extra $100 USD for the player who earns the most map points across the whole week.
The points will be calculated via:

  • 1st place on a map earns 5 points
  • 2nd place earns 4 points
  • 3rd place earns 3 points
  • 4th place earns 2 points
  • 5th place earns 1 point


4 rounds feature Soldier maps and 3 rounds feature Demoman maps.

  • Round 1: jump_beyond_b3 (Soldier)
  • Round 2: jump_booyah_jmc (Demoman)
  • Round 3: jump_mowi_rc2 (Soldier)
  • Round 4: jump_sketchy_final (Demoman)
  • Round 5: jump_vanilla (Soldier)
  • Round 6: jump_koi (Demoman)
  • Round 7: jump_ursprung_final (Soldier)

Servers - NA/EU/APAC

All runs must be completed on event specific servers, and only runs on these servers within the specific 2-hour time slots will count towards this event. The servers will be locked outside of the event times.

Available Commands:

  • /t /r /restart – Return to save spot
  • /s /ss /setstart – Sets save spot if before jump 1
  • /reset – Wipe save spot and respawn

North America – 9PM to 11PM EDT

Europe – 6PM to 8PM CEST (Sunday 30th: 6PM to 8PM CET)

Asia & Pacific – 6PM to 8PM SGT / GMT+8


  • October 24th – Round 1
  • October 25th – Round 2
  • October 26th – Round 3
  • October 27th – Round 4
  • October 28th – Round 5
  • October 29th – Round 6
  • October 30th – Round 7
  • TBC – Highlights livestream of winners runs

North America

9 PM to 11 PM EDT
each day

(View this start time in your local time here)


6 PM to 8 PM CEST / CET (Sunday 30th)
each day

(View this start time in your local time here and due to DST changes, view Sunday 30th here)

Asia & Pacific

6 PM to 8 PM SGT / GMT+8
each day

(View this start time in your local time here)


Nope! The jumping servers will track your times per map/day and SteamID on a global leaderboard.

We will contact winners via Steam to organise your winnings. If we are unable to contact you after a reasonable amount of time and attempts, your prize winnings will be forfeit.

The account that will make contact will be BlackOutJon.

Only your best time will count for each map so when the servers are open you are free to do as many runs as you want!

Yes you can! We’re offering multiple regions at different times to allow for the best ping for players around the world to play at but also so everyone has the chance to play at a time that is most ideal for their region. 

For those of you who have more free time than most, you can play on multiple regions each day.

Yes you can stream your POV or other players via SourceTV if you wish on Twitch.

We ask that you please use “DreamHack Beyond The Limit” at the start of your stream title.

DreamHack’s sponsorship for the prize pool is being provided in US Dollars (USD).

The EssentialsTF Discord should be used for all event information and communication. https://essentials.tf/discord

No, we do not offer in-game medals as a prize for this event.

Competition Rules

1. Players:

  • 1.1 No cheating of any kind is allowed.
  • 1.2 Exploitation of bugs is not allowed.
  • 1.3 Offensive nicknames and avatars are not allowed.
  • 1.4 Offensive content in-game is not allowed.
  • 1.5 Players that have an active ban for cheating on Jump Academy servers, Tempus servers, ETF2L, RGL, or a league of similar status in their respective regions are not eligible to enter the competition at all.

2. Administration:

  • 2.1 Any communication required with competition administrators is to be held on the EssentialsTF Discord.
  • 2.2 Administrators are allowed to make changes to the rules and/or make final decisions on situations during the competition not included in the written rules.
  • 2.3 Any rule breaks will be punished by the admins. Penalties include but are not limited to verbal warnings as well as disqualification of set times and bans from competitions and Jump Academy servers.

Prize Terms & Conditions

  • 3.1 Any prize monies due to eligible Players will be distributed by DreamHack directly to each eligible Player within 90 days of event end.
  • 3.2 EssentialsTF will transfer the alias’ and email addresses of eligible Players to DreamHack in a secure manner. The eligible Players will receive an email invite to withdraw their prize monies via different methods depending on their territory.
  • 3.3 Any prize monies will be distributed in United States Dollars (USD).
  • 3.4 Each eligible Player will receive the defined split of the prize pool as per the prize information that forms the Player’s prize monies via the medium defined in 1.2.
  • 3.5 Recipients of any prize monies are responsible for any transaction fees or loss due to currency conversion as well as any taxes they may have to pay in their territories.
  • 3.6 All Players who are eligible for prize monies must make reasonable efforts to allow EssentialsTF to contact them via Steam message. If EssentialsTF are unable to contact eligible Players within a reasonable time after the tournament ends, your prize winnings will be forfeit. We recommend Players are available in our Discord server and check for announcements regularly to avoid issues.
  • 3.7 Any prizes may be subject to change at any time by the sole discretion of EssentialsTF or DreamHack.