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ETF2L Highlander S17 W5: JOEYOTECH Feila vs. Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN! & kiti s bakenbardami vs. Tourettes Frenchclub

ETF2L | 1544716894

Banner by soda | Written by joe the brave and Wiethoofd

With the last two games of the regular Premiership Highlander season on the cards tonight, join us as we look at both games, and what all four teams will be looking to accomplish.

JOEYOTECH Feila vs. Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN!

Earlier this week, we watched Hungary TORPEDO and Ukraine inVision battling over a spot in the ETF2L Premiership playoffs. With TOR…

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Episode III cancelled

teamfortress.tv | 1544716894

North America's next Premier LAN has seen an untimely cancellation.

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ETF2L Christmas Newbie Weekend Cup

ETF2L | 1544716894

The holiday spirit lives on

We sadly missed out on any major events aimed at new players this season. So we’ll be sneaking one in last minute to prepare ourselves for 2019!

As this is a short term announcement we’ll be aiming for 32 teams to sign up. In case you sign up after these spots are already taken you will be placed on the waiting list and added in in case a team drops before or very early i…

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